Nov 16 2015 board meeting minutes

Board meeting minutes

Society of Professional Journalists, Central Ohio Pro Chapter

November 16, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Submitted by Julanne Hohbach

Attendance:  Sarah Mills Bacha, Thomas Bradley, Doug Buchanan, Bruce Cadwallader, Chelsea Castle, Mary Ann Edwards, Julanne Hohbach

Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 12:11 p.m. by Sarah Mills Bacha with a quorum present.

SPJ contest update: Sarah Mills Bacha reported that Mike Lorz wants a final payment as contest coordinator. Board members want an accounting of what services the payment is for. Going forward, a committee of two people each from the Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland SPJ chapters will oversee the contest, and “legacy” committee members will be eliminated to streamline the process. A member will be needed from our chapter to replace Mills Bacha since she is taking over as contest coordinator.

Bruce Cadwallader cited the need to establish a contract for Mills Bacha. She will draw up a proposal.

Chelsea Castle and Thomas Bradley suggested tapping board expertise to cut overhead costs on the contest. The most recent contest drew 611 entries.

Minutes:  The minutes of the September 25, 2015, meeting were approved unanimously. Motion was made by Bruce Cadwallader with a second by Mills Bacha. There were no minutes from the October 19 meeting due to lack of a quorum.

Financial Report: Treasurer Doug Buchanan presented the financial report with current account balances.  We owe $265 to the Ohio State Bar Association for the breakfast that our chapter sponsors. Also, we sponsored 18 local college students’ attendance, which will cost $270.

Mills Bacha said the expenses for the professional development program for displace journalists at Ohio State University on Nov. 14 were $470 for box lunches, which GateHouse Media funded, and $228.87 fronted by Mills Bacha for parking vouchers for panelists, drinks, signs and printed handouts.

Good feedback was received from the event attendees. Cadwallader said the program made him proud to be a member of the chapter and that more events like this are needed.

Cadwallader made a motion to reimburse Mills Bacha $237 to include her parking, with a second by Bradley. The motion was approved unanimously.

Membership: Membership materials were on hand at the OSU event Nov. 14. Bradley said our email list is up to 1,200 emails in MailChimp, which can be used to send out a call for membership.

Mills Bacha will email the Nov. 14 attendees thanking them for attending and providing contact information for the panelists.


Programming: Mills Bacha brought up the previously discussed idea to set up a screening for the Michael Keaton movie Spotlight, about the Boston Globe breaking the child abuse scandal in the Catholic church. She will look into the possibility of holding a movie night.

Looking ahead to Founders Day, board members are considering eliminating the sit-down program in favor of appetizers, drinks and networking at a reduced price point. This may boost sagging attendance.







Next meeting:   The next board meeting is noon December 21, at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill.


Adjournment: At 1:14 p.m., Mills Bacha made a motion to adjourn, with a second from Cadwallader. The motion passed unanimously.