SPJ honors Ohio’s best journalists

Winners in the 2015 Ohio SPJ Awards competition were honored Saturday, Oct. 24 in a luncheon banquet aboard the Belle of Cincinnati riverboat on the Ohio River.

Check out the PDF of the full program, including details on all the awards here:
2015OhioSPJAwards program.

The annual contest is sponsored jointly by the Central Ohio, Cincinnati and Cleveland chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists. It is the only Ohio competition that honors journalists who fulfill the SPJ mission: defense of the First Amendment, support of literacy, resistance to censorship, advocacy for openness of public records and meetings, media self-criticism and community service.

Some 268 awards were chosen from 611 entries submitted for the 2015 Ohio’s Best Journalism Competition.

The categories include large circulation print (75,000 or greater), small circulation print (fewer than 75,000), radio, television, online, trade organizations, and college. Best of Show distinctions are awarded in all categories except college. $2,000 in scholarships are awarded in the college division. Entries were for work done in 2014. Judging this year was done by SPJ Florida Pro Chapter.