Distinguished Service Award Recipients – 1974-Present

The Central Ohio SPJ award for Distinguished Service is for a member of the chapter who demonstrates professional excellence and dedication to SPJ.

2021 – Garth Bishop, for his service as chapter president
2020 – No ceremony due to Covid-19
2019 – Doug Buchanan
, past chapter president and editor in chief of Columbus Business First; Joe Meyer, past chapter president, owner of Meyer Media and former editor of ThisWeek Community News and Suburban News Publications; and Kevin Z. Smith, former chapter president and director of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio University
2018 – Bruce Cadwallader,
past chapter president, community outreach director at Franklin County Children’s Services and former courts reporter at The Columbus Dispatch
2017 – Doug Buchanan
, managing editor/digital for Columbus Business First
2016 – Doug Buchanan, managing editor/digital for Columbus Business First
2015 – Kevin Z. Smith, Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism
2014 – Beth Gianforcaro and Philip Rudell, past chapter presidents
2013 – Eric Lyttle, Columbus Dispatch, past president
2012 – Julanne Hohbach, Columbus C.E.O., past president, and Sarah Mills-Bacha, SMB Communications, past president and longtime board member
2011 – Joe Meyer, Suburban News Publications, and Katy Waters, Columbus Business First, past presidents
2010 – Robin Hepler, past chapter president, and Jennifer Monnin, past chapter president
2009 – F. Michael Lorz, past chapter president
2008 – Brian R. Ball, past chapter president, and David W. Richter, past chapter board member
2007 – Jennifer Davis and Kirk Richards, past chapter board members
2006 – Martin L. Rozenman, past chapter board member
2005 – Bruce Cadwallader, past chapter president and national Legal Defense Fund chairman
2004 – Gary Kiefer and Chuck Nelson, The Columbus Dispatch, past chapter presidents
2003 – Rose Hume, OSU chapter adviser and past chapter president
2002 – Katie Foley, past chapter president, and Paul Kostyu, board member
2001 – Joe McKnight and Sarah Mills Bacha, past chapter presidents
2000 – Jeff Botti, past chapter board member
1999 – Phil Rudell, past chapter president
1998 – Marilyn Greenwald, chapter board member and OU chapter adviser
1997 – Jim Toms, publisher of Suburban News Publications and past board member
1996 – Pat Schmucki, past chapter president
1995 – Beth Gianforcaro, past chapter president
1994 – Mary Beth Lane, past chapter president
1993 – Norman Dohn, Ohio University journalism professor and a chapter founder
1992 – Ralph Izard, director of Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism
1991 – Dr. Walter Bunge, director of the Ohio State University School of Journalism
1990 – Thomas A. Schwartz, past chapter president and OSU journalism professor
1989 – Carl L. Ebright, former assistant to the executive editor at The Columbus Dispatch
1988 – Wayne V. Harsha, a founding member of the chapter, and Pat Schmucki, past chapter president
1986 – Tim Puet, Associated Press and chapter board member
1982 – David Lore, past chapter president and national convention chairman
1980 – Ernest Cady, retired book editor at The Columbus Dispatch and first president of the chapter
1978 – Arthur W. Myers, assistant manager at Battelle Memorial Institute
1977 – Jim Hunkler, director of public relations for Battelle and past chapter president
1974 – Macy M. ”Boots” Carothers, longtime editor of the Ohio American Legion newspaper

Other winners:
Noreen Johnson, the first woman to serve as a director and chapter officer

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