May 16 2016 board meeting minutes

Society of Professional Journalists, Central Ohio Pro Chapter

May 16, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

At Barley’s Smokehouse


PRESENT:  Sarah Mills Bacha, Thomas Bradley, Doug Buchanan, Mary Ann Edwards, Spencer Hunt, Julanne Hohbach, Joe Meyer, Kevin Smith


CALL TO ORDER:  President Doug Buchanan called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.


MINUTES:  The minutes of the April 18, 2016 meeting were approved as amended, with a number of minor changes, were approved. The March minutes were again tabled, because we couldn’t recall why they were tabled in April.


FINANCIAL REPORT: President Doug’s last Treasurer’s Report from 2015-16 year (when he was Treasurer) presented the financial report with current account balances. We moved $4,000 from our Vanguard to our checking account to pay for our two annual scholaraships, but as of May 16, just one of the two was cashed. A Founders Day analysis, with nearly full accounting, showed about a $700 loss on the event on costs vs. ticket revenue and donations


DISCUSSION followed on a Founders’ Day recap: Board members mentioned how the loss should be considered in tandem with the money we make from the Ohio SPJ Awards contest – because the contest was part of Founders’ Day until Central Ohio joined the SPJ pro chapters in Cleveland and Cincinnati to stage the statewide Ohio SPJ. Thomas Bradley mentioned he received comments at the banquet about the lack of a silent auction this year, a money-maker in years past; Julanne Hohbach noted she would be incurring some additional event-related expense, for document frames, etc., for our scholarship winners.


MOTION to approve paying submitted Founders’ Day expenses was made by Kevin Smith, seconded by Sarah Mills Bacha and approved unanimously.


MEMBERSHIP: Extensive conversation took place regarding how to upgrade our current membership retention and recruitment. Thomas suggested sticking with the two-tiered event pricing for members and nonmembers, to make a recruitment event out of every program; Kevin mentioned board members all working to bring potential recruits to all chapter events; Meyer suggesting starting a letter from the chapter to all renewing members as a standard matter of course, to thank them for renewing and solicit their active involvement. Kevin reviewed current and past efforts by National in this area.


SOCIAL/WEB: President Doug inquired about which board members are handling which duties for our website, Facebook page, Mailchimp email blasts, etc. Thomas reviewed some of the current by-committee contributions and suggested starting a monthly e-newsletter; President Doug said he will pursue.


PROGRAMMING: Sarah again recapped the Founders’ Day event and discussed events schedule for the upcoming year.



Sarah reviewed possibilities for this year’s Ohio SPJ Awards banquet. It is our turn to host it in Columbus. The Hollywood Casino was suggested as an additional venue to consider. Sarah mentioned several others and the board discussed pros/cons of them.

Sarah said judging of the Ohio SPJ Awards by the Long Island Press Club (a new partner chapter in judging this year) was only about one-third done, which is causing some concern. Whether they get it done on time will affect whether we can host the banquet as hoped in September.

ANNUAL REPORT: Thomas and Kevin agreed to the required Audit Committee for the Chapter’s 2015-16 Annual Report, being compiled by past president Joe Meyer. Arrangements were made for passing off bank statements and the checkbook for inspection.


MOTION to adjourn by Thomas, seconded by Spencer, was approved at approximately 1:20 p.m.


Submitted by Joe Meyer