Oct 20 2014 board meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes 10/20/2014


Members present: S. Mills Bacha, D. Buchanan, D.Caterinicchia, C. Castle, J. Meyer, M. Edwards, K. Smith, B. Cadwallader, J. Hohbach, T.Bradley,  (a quorum existed)

Absent: K. Kasler, N. Craft, B. Gianforcaro, J. Monnin

Meeting Start time: 12:10 (Buckeye Hall of Fame Café)                    Meeting End Time: 1:10


Welcome to Thomas Bradley (WOSU)

Minutes—No prior minutes available

Financial Report

  • Treasurer’s Report: $7,821.45 in the checking; $36,796  in Vanguard
  • Receipts were submitted for OSU student chapter event, flowers for Ginny Frizzi and order of Code of Ethics bookmarks. MOTION TO APPROVE (Meyer, seconded by Edwards). APPROVED.



  • Membership: The committee chair (Bruce) has reached out to national SPJ and received conflicting and incomplete chapter roster by date. He will continue to update the records with chapter treasurer and Online archive at SPJ.org.
  • We want to make each programming event a membership recruitment event and include mailing to current and prospective members, plus those on Ms. Castle’s email list. MOTION TO APPROVE MAILING @ $150 (Hohbach, seconded by Smith) APPROVED.


  • It was determined the first program on Jan. 15 should be tickets to a Broadway Series viewing of “Newsies,” at the Ohio Theater with preferred group seating. Monnin is pursuing a flyer and opening night reception.
  • The Kiplinger Digital Media Summit will be held Nov. 18-19 with online ticket sales. There could be a membership incentive to apply built in. See J. Meyer for updates.
  • With board approval, S. Bacha has set aside April 8 for the Founders Day 2015 date with venue TBD. Entertainment provided by Mr. Cohen prior to the awards. Cadwallader and Smith will oversee the silent auction.
  • We successfully sponsored the Ohio Bar Association Media/Law Conference Oct. 10 which was well attended. SPJ banner and breakfast sponsorship was noted.

Committee Reports:

  • Chapter Judging: Bacha and Meyer will attempt to meet with the statewide coordinators of the Ohio SPJ Awards after the luncheon in Cleveland to address contest management.





Next board meeting:  Nov. 17  at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Care, Grandview Yard @ Noon.


Minutes recorded by B. Cadwallader