Nov 14 2005 board meeting minutes

Nov. 14, 2005, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hepler, Hoke, Meyer, Richards, Richter

Minutes approved with friendly amendment
The board approved a motion by David Richter, seconded by Jennifer Davis, to approve the minutes from the September meeting that Kirk D. Richards prepared. Brian Ball asked that the minutes include a friendly amendment to reflect that two employees of Business First attended the Better Watchdog Workshop that was hosted by SPJ and Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Financial report David, the treasurer, submitted the following:
The checking account at Fifth Third Bank has $1,890.67
The chapter spent $600 for the past two Thursdays at Thurber events and $62 for donuts from Brooks Pastries for the media law conference last month.

The chapter received $15 in local dues and $322.50 in dues from the national office.

The chapter has $15,844.17 invested in the Prime Money Market, $6,477.07 in Long Term Treasury, $4,864.69 in Short Term Federal and $10,614.31 in 500 Index Fund.

The total in the Vanguard Accounts is $37,800.24.

The board approved a motion by Jane Beathard, seconded by Robin Hepler, to approve the financial report.

September minutes approved: The board approved a motion by David, seconded by Brian, to approve the minutes from the September meeting that Kathy Hoke prepared. The minutes were not available last month.

Programming: Brian is looking to organize a program on the impact that Coin-gate will have on next year’s statewide races.

The event is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 8 and could be held at lunchtime at the Holiday Inn City Center or in the evening at the offices of Business First.

Regardless of the time or location, the program will replace December’s Thursdays at Thurber event. Members agreed it is better to focus on one event instead of having two potentially on the same day.

Future of Thursdays at Thurber: David said we have held five Thurber events and only once did we attract at least 20 people. That was the first one in which about 38 came, according to Robin’s estimate.

David said he is concerned that the chapter is spending more than it is getting back. He noted that Thursday evenings are bad for reporters and editors working for a daily newspaper and for those working in the evening for a TV station. The Thurber location, he said, also is not conducive to conversation because seating at the tables is limited, forcing many to stand or sit at the bar.

Jennifer Davis proposed a “Be our guest” program in which members could invite someone to a program and the chapter would cover that person’s lunch. Robin recommended that the guest pay for the meal the first time and offer a free meal for the next program for any guest who agrees to become a member.

We’re a 4-Star chapter: Joe said that we could have a 5-star chapter by putting on six programs. Our chapter already has two programs and could have six. Under consideration: a diversity program, a program led by design expert Tim Harrower and a program on the political impact of Coin-gate.

The annual Founders Day program is considered a given.

Harrower is willing to do a program for us in March or April but the cost has yet to be determined, Joe said.

Lobbyists Paul Tipps and Neil Clark could be speakers at Founders Day.

Membership: Mike Lorz was absent and did not leave a report.

Web site: Chuck Nelson was absent but submitted a report to Joe noting that Jade Inc. had been hosting our Web site for free but will start charging us on Jan. 1. The report says Chuck will request that his employer, The Columbus Dispatch, host the site for free.

The board approved a motion by David, seconded by Jane, to authorize Chuck to spend up to $300 to maintain the Web site in 2006 if the Dispatch declines the request.

SPJ National notes: Former chapter president and Region IV director Bruce Cadwallader was elected secretary-treasurer at the national convention and is on track to become president within two years, Joe reported.

Mark of Excellence judging: David, Jane and Kathy agreed to volunteer to help judge the MOE awards in two photography categories: breaking news and features.

The entries will come in April and will be due in a month, Joe said.

Adjournment: The board approved a motion by Brian, seconded by Jane, to adjourn at 1 p.m.

Next meeting: noon, Dec. 12, at Plank’s on Parsons.