Jan 23 2015 board meeting minutes

Society of Professional Journalists

Central Ohio Pro Chapter

Minutes of Jan. 23, 2015 board meeting


ATTENDANCE: Sarah Mills Bacha, Doug Buchanan, Bruce Cadwallader, Chelsea Castle, Mary Ann Edwards, Julanne Hohbach, Joe Meyer


President Bacha called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill




No vote, due to less than a quorum of board members being present. Members asked to review December minutes for omissions/errors in preparation for a vote at the February meeting.



Treasurer’s Report

See attached financial statements of Fifth Third checking account; PayPal account and Vanguard account from Treasurer Doug Buchanan.


Treasurer Buchanan reported that recovery of money from ticket sales to Newsies (January membership social) through Eventbrite have not yet deposited. (All 20 tickets were pre-purchased were sold through Eventbrite.) Vanguard funds made more than $1,000 in year-end statement.


Vote to accept Treasurer’s Report also postponed until the February meeting due to the lack of a quorum.



Vice President Cadwallader reported he is culling the membership records, including address rolls. Approximately 20 of 100 printed Newsies invitations were returned due to bad addresses. There is concern that our membership database through national contains bad data – including home and email addresses. Bruce is rebuilding a clean list, adding emails sent to the Treasurer upon members’ renewals or new membership signups.





President Bacha discussed the idea of hosting the showing of a documentary at the Gateway Film Center, perhaps Citizenfour, a documentary about NSC leaker/whistleblower Edward Snowden. The theater is willing to open a theater for small screenings, of a movie of our choosing

Bacha also is still pursuing a program on SPJ’s newly updated Code of Ethics at Otterbein University, working with former Central Ohio SPJ board member Hillary Warren. Details to follow


Founders Day update

Date is set for Wednesday evening, April 8, with folk singer journo Bill Cohen as the entertainment/program.

Venue not yet locked down. Under consideration: Vue in the Brewery District; Confluence (now called The Boat House Restaurant at Confluence Park). Vue would require parking fee of $2 (unlimited time, in lot across street). Bacha to check with Confluence on availability/pricing options and report back in February.


Price-point for meal/banquet: Board discussion on pricing for the banquet and food offering. Bacha said she’s been operating with $30-40 in mind, with hors d’oeuvres rather than a sit-down meal. Cost of course will depend in part on the food/drink options offered. Bruce suggested capping at $40 unless a full-service meal is offered. Meyer suggested considering buffet service.


Scholarships: Julanne agreed to again lead the Chapter and Faulkner scholarship selection efforts, working with OU on the Dohn Scholarship, with OSU on the Meckstroth and soliciting Ohio college journalism advisers on the Faulkner(s).


Auction: Bruce and Kevin are on the auction. Bruce asked each board member to provide 2-3 items for the silent auction.


The Martys: Meyer provided an update on the high school student scholarship program in honor of late Chapter board member Marty Rozenman, which the Chapter sponsors. The Columbus Dispatch again is providing $1,000 in prize money. The Best of Show winner (The Marty) will be recognized at Founders Day with a plaque from the Chapter. Another prize for the top winner: the offer of a summer mentorship/shadowing experience. These have been hosted by Suburban News/ThisWeek in the past. Meyer asked if other Chapter members would be willing to participate in mentoring or allowing a job shadow from The Marty. All present agreed.


Chapter Awards: No discussion




Ohio SPJ

Bacha reported she has followed up by email with past Chapter President Mike Lorz, who for several years has coordinated the contest, about helping to take over duties in a shadowing/co-coordinator role this year. This follows a meeting after the Ohio SPJ banquet in October with Lorz and leaders of the three chapters that stage the contest – Central Ohio, Cincinnati and Cleveland – where Lorz said he would like to pass along coordinator duties. One subsequent meeting was held between Bacha and Lorz. But no change or transition setup has been established. More to come.


Chapter bylaws review

Hohbach asked board members present if they were interested in pursuing a full Chapter bylaws review this year. Among issues previously discussed: total board membership (reaching a quorum at meetings difficult with a 15-member board); board attendance requirements; allowing more flexibility for online or virtual meetings. Consensus was we could do a partial review, addressing any perceived needed changes, without a comprehensive revision. Hohbach noted that bylaw changes would have to be presented to the full membership.


Region 4 Conference

Set for March 20-21 at Ohio University. President Bacha said she cannot attend. Mary Ann Edwards said she definitely will be attending, with former Chapter board member (and fellow OU alum) Phil Rudell. Board members present were uncertain which professional chapter is officially hosting the conference. Members also expressed concern over the timing, during spring break for many local colleges and universities, and its potential impact on student attendance and the MOE awards program.


New Business




The board adjourned at 1:10.

Due to Presidents Day falling on Feb. 16, date of the next normally scheduled board meeting, the February meeting was rescheduled to noon Monday, Feb. 23, again at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, 775 Yard St., Columbus.



Minutes prepared by board member Joe Meyer

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