Sept 15 2014 board meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes 9/15/2014


Members present: S. Mills Bacha, D. Buchanan, D. Caterinicchia, J. Meyer, M. Edwards, B. Cadwallader, J. Hohbach, B. Gianforcaro (quorum)

Absent: K. Kasler, N. Craft,  J. Monnin, K. Smith

Meeting Start time: 12:09 (Buckeye Hall of Fame Café)                    Meeting End Time: 1:10


August minutes approved

Financial Report

  • Treasurer’s Report: $8,063.22 in checking (includes $3,700 deposit representing our share of the proceeds from the Ohio SPJ Awards and withdrawal of $1,095.17 to cover Bacha’s national conference expenses); $35,662.37 in Vanguard.
  • Motion made and approved to supply pizza/soda for OSU Code of Ethics event.
  • Bacha submitted incidental expenses of $79.77 from national convention.


  • Membership: Thomas Bradley has agreed to join the board and was approved. Jonathan Peters has taken a position in Missouri leaving a vacancy. Bacha asked that we not add new board members pending bylaws’ review.



  • It was determined that we would do a Code of Ethics program for the OSU student chapter. Caterinicchia will work with students to find a date. Kevin will present.
  • We discussed having Doug Haddix and Kevin Smith share their new digital journalism tools presentation from national for a chapter event.
  • Monnin will coordinate the “Newsies” social event for Jan. 15.
  • Bacha discussed having Bill Cohen present his coffeehouse type music program for Founders’ Day, focusing on ‘60s and ‘70s music tied to censorship and freedom of speech.

Committee Reports:

  • Chapter Judging: Bacha shared that at national she met the co-chair of the Green Eyeshade Competition, which includes several regions and states, and is a contest similar in size to ours. They discussed the idea of a pre-arranged judging swap. Information forwarded onto Mike Lorz. We want to have a swap agreement in place ahead of time with one contest, so we are not judging multiple contests. Meyer and Bacha plan to attend this year’s Ohio SPJ event in Cleveland to get more details. Mike says our split will likely be $5,000 next year.
  • Website/Social Media: Bacha authorized Chuck Nelson to pay a $12 fee to cover the fee for a domain that was due to expire. Castle to send news updates about Smith’s award and Lou Fabro’s death and promote the upcoming Ohio State Bar Association event.



  • Bacha gave update from National Convention. Board member Kevin Smith was honored at the inauguration dinner with the Wells Memorial Key Award, the highest honor SPJ bestows, in recognition of his leadership in revising the SPJ ethics code.
  • SPJ voted to update its code of ethics for the first time since 1996.
  • Cincinnati Chapter was named small chapter of the year; Ohio University Chapter won student chapter of the year.
  • 2015 Region 5 Conference will be held at Ohio University.


Next board meeting:  Oct. 20 at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Care, Grandview Yard @ Noon.


Minutes recorded by J. Meyer, S. Bacha

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