Nov 9 2009 board meeting minutes

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Nov. 9, 2009 board meeting minutes

Attendance: Jennifer Monnin, Jane Beathard, Robin Hepler, Chuck Nelson, Kevin Kemper, Sarah Mills-Bacha, Mike Lorz, Sharon West, Julanne Hohbach, Beth Gianforcaro

President Kevin Kemper called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. with a quorum present.

Minutes of the Oct. 12 meetings were amended and approved.

Robin Hepler provided the treasurer’s report. The balance in the checking account was $9,585.51 as of Oct. 19.

There’s a delay in getting Vanguard statements from Dave Richter. The chapter must file a Form #990 for the first time this year. Sarah Mills-Bacha said she would take care of that by Dec. 31.

Additional receipts from the regional conference: $155
Dues received from the national organization: $352.50

Pending transactions include:
Transfer to Vanguard investment accounts (split evenly): $4,600
Deposit to Worthington Inn for diversity event: $150
Sponsorship for Ohio State Bar event: $76.23
Reimbursement to Katy Waters for travel for Amy Edwards, Orlando Sentinel reporter: $296.40

Currently, there is also $173.97 in the PayPal account.

Kemper reported that he is waiting to find out if the chapter can obtain a grant from national for the upcoming diversity program.

Programming: Sharon West announced diversity program regarding the Rifqa Bary controversy is set for 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the Worthington Inn. There will be a cash bar; snacks are free.

The panel will be made up of an Orlando Sentinel reporter Amy Edwards who has covered the controversy, as well as Meredith Hegeney of the Dispatch who has covered it locally. Joe Blundo will moderate. West suggested that board members review the Orlando Sentinel coverage before the event to be better informed. Katy Waters is taking reservations for the event. About 25 people have registered so far.

The board voted against inviting Bary or her parents. However, her attorney will be notified.

Mike Lorz suggested the chapter put out a press release regarding the Bary event. Mills-Bacha said she will pick the reporter up at the airport if someone else can take her back to the airport. West asked if there’s room for members of the SPJ chapter at The Ohio State University to attend?

Joe Meyer is seeking feedback on a “Newsroom On The Go” session for the training program in February or March. The material is available through the national organization. Kemper said February would be a good month for the program.

Membership: Julanne Hohbach had nothing new to report.

Old Business: Waters now has the chapter’s Facebook page set up. Beth Gianforcaro reported that she has 99 members on the LinkedIn network and will soon switch it to a group function.

Lorz said he’s entered the Ohio SPJ Awards booklet for a national SPJ Award (publications category).

New Business: The Columbus chapter will host the state awards program in the fall of 2010. Jane Beathard volunteered to chair the program committee. Kemper, West and Gianforcaro will serve on the committee. The new Ohio Union at OSU or Ohio Stadium were suggested as venues for the program.

Also, Ismail Turay is resigning from the board and will require a replacement. Mills-Bacha suggested Phil Rudell, formerly with the Dispatch. Hepler suggested someone from WOSU who could represent both the radio and television news function. Gianforcaro suggested Liz Lane from WCMH-TV.

Lorz noted the board has no African-American members currently. Gianforcaro suggested Walt Dozier from the Ohio Newspaper Association.

The meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

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