Nov 12 2007 board meeting minutes

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Nov. 12, 2007, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Brain Ball, Sarah Bacha, Mike Lorz, Joe Meyer, Jennifer Monnin, Trace Regan, Dave Richter, Sherri Williams.

President Mike Lorz called the meeting to order at 12:09 p.m.

The board accepted a motion by Brian Ball, seconded by Dave Richter, to accept the minutes from the Oct. 10, 2007, meeting prepared by Secretary Joe Meyer, with a revision to the second paragraph under old business to read: “Former Chapter President Julie Truck is back in town and now on the faculty at Ohio U., where her husband also is on the journalism staff.” Minutes were approved with the changes, unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Sarah Bacha provided the treasurer’s report with breakdowns on Fifth Third checking account, PayPal account and a current report on finances for the Ohio SPJ Banquet, which the Chapter hosted.

Bacha led a discussion on monitoring PayPal account activity, which was difficult to track with the banquet when multiple attendees were paid for by a single payer. Bacha was to speak with past Chapter President and current Chapter web site master Chuck Nelson about capturing more information from registration forms to address this problem. Richter was to check on the $500 e-transfer restriction by PayPal on the Chapter account.

Bacha said the 2006-07 Chapter year Ethics and Diversity panels payment issues with Radisson Worthington were finally settled, as detailed in the checking account activity (a payment of $1,244.03).

Jennifer Monnin provided an e-mail prior to the meeting on five upcoming programs before Founders Day. Sherri Williams detailed the local religious newspaper journalists confirmed as panelists for a Dec. 6 event at Schmidt’s.

Sherri Williams mentioned the Diversity event planned in three days (Nov. 15) at the Jewish Community Center, “A Living Lens.”

Monnin discussed the “Meet the Kips” event with the new class of Kiplinger Fellows, tentatively set for 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café; and a tentative March 26 luncheon on with the Kiplinger program Director Deb Jasper on New Media impact of the newsroom and news consumption. Williams offered the names of two leaders of the Dispatch’s online efforts as possible speakers/instructors for a hand-on training session on new media. Board members received the idea eagerly, for the event to be held at the Dispatch if possible.

Richter moved, and Ball seconded, that Monnin seek a grant for the Chapter from National SPJ for the planned programming.

No report.

State and Regional SPJ
Ohio SPJ

Ball led a discussion on the “afterglow” meeting held after the Ohio SPJ banquet with the new Regional Director and representatives of the Central Ohio and Cleveland chapters, who conferenced by phone with the new Cincinnati chapter president. The meeting initiated planning for the 2008 awards program and discussed final resolution of the financial reporting on the past programs hosted by Cincinnati.

Ball said Cincinnati was to keep its Ohio SPJ checking account open until what’s gone on the last three years can be sorted out. A new account was to be set up for the awards program going forward, though it’s not decided who will be in charge of the checkbook; there is some thought of a hiring a paid manager to run the contest.

Ball credited board members Lorz, Bacha, Kathy Hoke and Kevin Kemper with helping get through the 2007 program with the financial difficulties.

The entry deadline for the 2008 program likely will be in mid-February, with the banquet in mid-September, Ball said.

Ohio SPJ
Ball reported he has received nothing from the new Southern Ohio Chapter about when it wants to have a planned joint event with Central Ohio.

Old Business

New Business
Bacha brought up producing a new directory of Chapter members, which has not been produced for a couple of years or longer. Mike asked that Kemper and Monnin check on the Chapter members who do not receive Chapter news by e-mail – an estimated 20-30 people – and send them the directory by standard mail

Lorz discussed a pending IRE training session on campaign finance at the Dispatch. Board members noted the meeting would be open to anyone wanting to register and attend, if space was available.

The board approved a motion by Monnin, seconded by Ball, to adjourn at 1:11 p.m. Next meeting set for noon Dec. 10 at Plank’s Cafe, 743 Parsons Ave.

Minutes prepared by Joe Meyer, Chapter secretary

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