Aug 14 2006 board meetig minutes

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Aug. 14, 2006, board meeting

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hepler, Hoke, Kostyu, Lorz, Monnin, Richards, Richter President Brian Ball called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.

Minutes accepted: The board accepted the minutes from the June meeting that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared.

Treasurer’s Report: David Richter reported the following:
The checking account at Fifth Third Bank had a balance of $1,727.70

The chapter paid $200 for co-sponsorship of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church USA

Joe Meyer was reimbursed $79.44 for awards

Christopher Ankney received $100 for a scholarship.

Lorz Communications received $325 from the chapter for mailing and printing costs.

In the Vanguard Accounts:
Prime Money Market has $11,373.32; Long Term Treasury has $6,354.20; Short Term Federal has $4,986.64; 500 Index Fund has $11,185.

The total of the Vanguard Funds is $33,899.43

A $2,000 check was given to Brittany Hughes on June 30 – Norman H. Dohn scholarship recipient

National Convention in Chicago: The board confirmed an e-mail vote naming former board member Chuck Nelson as the alternate for the convention. Mike Lorz, who had previously been named the alternate, will not be available. Board members were asked to e-mail recommendations to Brian for student representative and adviser representative by noon Aug. 23.

The board also directed the delegate to support the proposed one-member-one-vote amendment, which would be a departure from the delegate system. This would give every paying member of SPJ a vote. Board members in favor of the amendment were not convinced by arguments that the amendment would give the large chapters more power, with some saying that the big chapters already have the most power.

In addition, proponents acknowledged concerns that the amendment could take away a motivation for people to join a chapter. Some, however, said that some journalists live and work in areas that are not close to an existing chapter. In some of these areas, there are so few journalists that they would prefer not to start a chapter. And some chapters are not in good standing with the national organization, which penalizes those members from having representation.

Currently, a chapter gets one vote for every 50 members. A chapter with 51 members would get two votes.

Delegates also must be present to vote at the convention, although the proposed amendment would change that.

Brian noted that people on both sides of the issue have been posting thoughts on a message board that SPJ placed on its Web site.

Ohio SPJ: Brian reiterated concerns he has with how the Ohio chapters are running the annual awards contest, which is set for Sept. 16. The other chapters have been keeping Columbus out of the loop on decisions and not sharing profits, as had been agreed upon.

Brian thanked Mike for attempting to take over a portion of the advertising campaign, an idea that the other parts of Ohio SPJ rejected because of a sales contract already in place.

Law and Media Conference: The chapter is co-hosting the event with the Ohio State Bar Association on Oct. 6. Thomas Hodson, director of the EW Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, is scheduled to be the keynote speaker. Members are to pay $30; students, $15.

Fredericktown program:
The free event with the Main Street Free Press Museum will be held Sept. 7. The program will celebrate freedom of the press and the role of small-town newspapers.

Other business: Brian thanked Sarah Mills Bacha and Robin Hepler for their work in rebuilding the Ohio SPJ mailing list and Sarah’s work on getting the printer lined up.

Adjournment: The board adjourned at 1 p.m.

Next meeting: Sept. 11, 2006

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