Top apps, digital tools for journalists at center of OSU event

Digital strategist Adam Schweigert spoke about the best “apps” and other digital tools available for journalists to a crowd of about 30 on Ohio State’s campus on Feb. 21. Schweigert focused on productivity and verification tools that can benefit journalists in all media forms, from traditional print and broadcast to dynamic online storytelling.

His examples about how easy it can be to debunk a hoax story/social media account (Greenpeace faking a Shell account, for example) or a fake photograph (sharks swimming in a flooded mall), if you know where to look, were particularly impressive.

He wrapped up by showing an example from multimedia storytelling site,, that attempts to make it easier for journalists and others to incorporate text, photos, audio and video even if you’re not an expert in any of those areas.

Here are slides from Schweigert’s presentation: