June 11 2007 board meeting minutes

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June 11, 2007, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Ball, Kostyu, Lorz, Meyer, Monnin, Richter, Reagan; (Also Hoke, Kemper, Williams, after quorum was reached and meeting was called to order.)

President Mike Lorz called the meeting to order at 12:09 p.m.

Minutes accepted with amendments: The board accepted a motion by Paul Kostyu, seconded by Brian Ball, to accept the minutes from the May 14, 2007, meeting prepared by past Secretary Kirk D. Richards, with two changes: Addition of Brian Ball on list of May 14 attendees; and inclusion of Ryan Ottney as the name of the Portsmouth man seeking help in starting a southern Ohio SPJ chapter.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached written report provided at the meeting on account balances, payments and receipts.

David Richter reported Jennifer Monnin is auditing the checkbook. He also noted we still have an outstanding liability of roughly $1,100 to the Radisson Worthington. National SPJ will reimburse some expenses for the diversity (February) and ethics (April) events. Mike Lorz detailed his difficulties in getting an invoice from Radisson.

Paul asked for an update on fund-raising for club donation to help establish the Columbus Association of Black Journalists’ scholarship fund. David reported we have $1,020 from the presidents challenge initiated by Paul; Sherri Williams reported CABJ was planning to issue a scholarship soon from its operating fund, and hopes to get the scholarship fund established with the Columbus Foundation in October. Paul suggested we send out a reminder on the presidents challenge in the fall to aid in the effort.

Founders Day: Brian Ball reported the event went well; Dohn Scholarship recipient Lee Robbins could not attend and was mailed his scholarship money and plaque. Auction income was $1,200, the lowest in a while, but we did have a small surplus ($44.30) from the meal, for the first time in many years, after increasing the meal price to $32.

Board stuff: Mike again distributed a board service preferences list and asked all members to indicate their first, second and third interests. Proposed by Jennifer Monnin and first distributed in May, the goals of the wider workload distribution are to 1) Be a better run chapter; 2) Increase board attendance and engagement; and 3) Help recruit members into the leadership chain.

Mike also distributed a board member directory and asked members to provide updates to any changed or incomplete information.

Ongoing Business
Ohio SPJ: Brian reported we are hosting the event Oct. 13; Central Ohio Pro is to keep the program and meal profits; It is unclear whether the Cincinnati chapter is holding onto all the entry fees. Brian warned of the possible necessity for some “seed money” over the summer – which would require an e-mail vote authorization – to get the plans set for the banquet.

2007 National Convention:
Mike reported he may be unable to attend the convention in Washington, D.C., due to a scheduling conflict, and that Jennifer may attend instead for the mandatory chapter representation. Brian also volunteered for backup.

New Business: Mike set the next meeting for noon Sept. 10 at Plank’s – no July or August meetings as in most years past – but asked members to respond to any calls for e-mail votes on action that may need attention in the interim.

Jennifer asked board members to think about ideas on programming, including location and time preferences, to discuss in the fall.

Adjournment: The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by Jennifer, to adjourn shortly after 1 p.m.

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