May 8 2006 board meeting minutes

May 8, 2006, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hepler, Hoke, Kiefer, Kostyu, Lorz, Meyer, Monnin, Nelson, Richards and Richter

President Joe Meyer called to order the meeting at 12:10 p.m.

April minutes approved: The board approved a motion by David Richter, seconded by Paul Kostyu, to approve the minutes from the April meeting that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared.

Financial report: The balance in the checking account at Fifth Third Bank is $3,843.90

Tim Harrower news design seminar: The chapter lost $727.78 on the program, David said. The chapter received $3,895 on the program and spent $4,622.78.

About 45 signed up. If we had an extra month to promote the event, we could have gotten 10 more participants to cover the costs, David said.

SPJ Thursdays: Sarah Mills Bacha said the first one held at Patrick J’s attracted a large turnout. The place seemed to work out better than the previous location, the Thurber Bar, she said.

Jennifer Davis said she would send out a message letting everyone know that the event is not being held this month because of Founders Day on May 18. The next SPJ Thursdays event will be held on June 8, again at Patrick J’s.

Episcopalian event – to be held June 16-17, Brian Ball said. It’s free. Deb Mason, a former SPJ president, welcomes our participation.

Founders Day: David reported that only 23 have signed up, the lowest number he’s ever seen with less than two weeks to go. David said he previously set a rough estimate of 60 and that he’d have to give a final estimate to the OSU Golf Course by today.

The board agreed to an estimate of 45, taking into account that the chapter has about 110 members.

David said he is concerned about a small turnout, noting that it will result in less money on admissions and probably lower bids on auction items.

Kathy Hoke, who had not submitted payment, noted that she plans to attend.

Election results: Sarah, Kirk and Jennifer Monnin all were re-elected. Debra Jasper and Sherri Williams were elected to their first terms.

New leaders: The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by Chuck Nelson, to recognize Brian Ball as the next president and Mike Lorz as 1st vice president and Jennifer Monnin as 2nd vice president.

The board approved a motion by Brian, seconded by Paul, to retain Kirk as secretary and David as treasurer.

Distinguished Service: The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by Brian, to give the Distinguished Service Award to long-time Dispatch reporter Bob Ruth, who is expected to retire this year.

First Amendment: The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by David, to honor Fred Gittes with the First Amendment Award. Gittes, a lawyer, has represented numerous clients seeking access to public records.

High court gets brick: The board approved a motion by Joe, seconded by Paul, to give this year’s Brick Wall Award to the Ohio Supreme Court for its April 13 decision granting executive privilege to the governor, giving that officeholder some discretion in blocking access to documents. The 5-2 majority opinion was written by Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer. Critics say the ruling constitutes the creation of law rather than interpretation of law, which is the role of the courts. Some say it could allow people hoping to keep correspondence concealed to address those communications to the governor. (Pfeifer and Resnick dissented)

Appreciation: The board approved a motion by Brian, seconded by Paul, to give Marty Rozenman the Appreciation Award, noting his efforts over the years to raise money for the chapter over the years by securing valuable donations to the annual auction.

Faulkner Scholarships: The board approved a motion by Joe, seconded by Paul, to give the Faulkner money to Christopher Ankey of the University of Toledo and Amanda Kawalek of Ohio State. The two were selected from six strong candidates, the president said.

The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by Joe, to pay the different between $2,000 and what the Faulkner Foundation contributes for the scholarship. The board previously determined that $2,000 was an appropriate amount for the scholarship, which could go entirely to one student or, as is the case this year, be split for two students.

Resolution supporting Bruce: Brian volunteered to draft language for a resolution to support the candidacy of former chapter president Bruce Cadwallader as president-elect of the organization. Bruce is currently the secretary-treasurer, and that officeholder traditionally becomes the president-elect. But this year, Bruce is facing a challenge. Kirk alerted the board, and members agreed that a resolution of support could be approved at the next meeting after Brian prepares the wording. Paul suggested that the chapter distribute the resolution, if approved, to other chapters nationwide.

Other business: David, Jennifer Monniin and Robin Hepler were thanked for helping the Maryland chapter judge print entries from Baltimore.

Adjournment: The board agreed to adjourn Joe’s final meeting as president at 1:10 p.m.

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