Jan 9 2012 board meeting minutes

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Jan. 9, 2012 board meeting minutes

Attending: Sarah Bacha, Tom Borgerding, Beth Gianforcaro, Meredith Heagney, Julanne Hohbach, Barb James, Kevin Kemper, Eric Lyttle, Jennifer Monnin, Chuck Nelson, Phil Rudell, Sharon West

I. December minutes — Approved

II. Financial report
>4th quarter statement from Vanguard pending
>$16 to Andrew for Ringside from last year (even though he tried to refuse it)
>question: when do we get check for our cut of contest fees?

III. Membership
>Eric reports that the mailing list in MailChimp appears intact
>we decided Meredith would write a summary graf of meetings to be emailed to members, and it will link to the site with a more complete recap

IV. Programming

a. Diversity panel – location
>Andrew: Daniela has a bunch of February dates, would give us a private party; Julanne wants to know more about appetizers (the advertised ones sound very heavy)
>Eric: Bluestone wants a lot ($1,079) / Eric is going to try the Buckeye Cafe in Grandview
>Sarah suggested Schmidt’s, said she’ll call about their upstairs meeting room
>Barb: Panera doesn’t charge for a meeting, as long as you buy $35 in baked goods

b. Diversity panel – speakers
>Somali source: Meredith and Andrew can look
>Latino: Eric is getting source
>Also: Beth is going to try a reporter in Cincinnati who covers the Haitian community

c. Diversity panel – basics
>Feb. 23
>Working title:
Covering Immigrant Populations: Words Matter

d. Ethics/Newsroom training/Founder’s Day
>possible venues: Fawcett (we like, biggest?), Confluence Park, hotels along Olentangy River Road, Longaberger Alumni House
>Founder’s Day: shoot for May 10? Idea is Andrea Cambern roast (Beth going to reach out; Dispatch people also can ask Jon Schwantes)

V. Bylaws review
>Chuck talked to someone at the Columbus Foundation; we can’t modify the Faulkner fund to include other scholarships
>Chuck will set dates for committees to review bylaws

VI. Scholarships
>Marty pool is up to $1,000, because the Dispatch kicked in money; Julanne will get the flyer around
>High school essay contest: Barb is contacting journalism advisers and is developing a press release; Kevin sent a list of communications people at most districts; Tom will bug schools in person, and Meredith can help too; local winner will get $150, a certificate and will be honored on Founder’s Day. Second- and third-place local winners will receive certificates.

VII. New business
>March 23 and 24 is the regional convention in E. Lansing, Mich., and we need a rep

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