March 16 2015 board meeting minutes

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Society of Professional Journalists

Central Ohio Pro Chapter

Minutes of March 16, 2015 board meeting


ATTENDANCE: Sarah Mills Bacha, Doug Buchanan, Thomas Bradley, Mary Ann Edwards, Beth Gianforcaro, Julanne Hohbach, Joe Meyer and Kevin Smith.


President Bacha called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m. at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, 775 Yard St. Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43212




Feb. 23, 2015 meeting minutes: Motion to approve by Meyer; seconded by Hohbach. Approved by 8-0 vote.



Treasurer’s Report

See from Treasurer Doug Buchanan. Approved as presented 8-0 (Hohbach moved for approval, Gianforcaro seconded.)




No report.





Ethics forum at Otterbein: President Bacha reported she and Kevin Smith have an ethics panel on SPJ’s updated Code of Ethics planned at Otterbein University April 9, to be hosted by former board member Hillary Warren. Motion by Hohbach, seconded by Bradley approved 8-0 to authorize up to $100 for pizza and soda.


Founders Day: Extensive board discussion on finalizing plans for the April 8 banquet at The Vue in the Brewery District, 95 Liberty St. Caterer Dockside 580 to provide a pasta bar (expenditure previously authorized). Beer/wine offering is up to us. Motion by Meyer, seconded by Edwards to spend up to $400 to purchase beverages approved 8-0. Bradley offered to bring someone to tend bar, for tips. Motion to pay The Vue up to $1,000 by Hohbach, seconded by Bradley approved 8-0. Gianforcaro to create a program and script for the evening, headlined by folk singer/journalist Bill Cohen and emceed by board member Karen Kasler. Bradley offered to print copies of the program for attendees. Chapter (Dohn and Meckstroth) and Faulkner scholarships, as recommended by OU and OSU advisers and Scholarships Chairwoman Hohbach, approved by 8-0 vote (moved by Meyer, seconded by Hohbach).




Annual Chapter Awards: From membership survey and board discussion, the following were chosen as the winner of our annual chapter awards, to be presented at Founders Day:

First Amendment: Dan Trevas of the Ohio State Bar Association (moved by Smith, seconded by Buchanan – 8-0 vote).

Distinguished Service: Kevin Smith (moved by Meyer, seconded by Buchanan – 8-0 vote).

Appreciation: John Long (moved by Buchanan, seconded by Bradley – 8-0 vote).

Brick Wall: Ohio Rep. Jim Buchy (R-Greenville), sponsor of House Bill 663 (moved by Buchanan, seconded by Bradley – 8-0 vote).

Bacha to contact winners and invite them to Founders Day to pick up their plaques (dinner comp-ed).


Expenditure of up to $300 for plaques moved by Bradley, seconded by Bacha, approved 8-0.

The Martys: Meyer reported submission deadline was approaching for The Martys, the editorial contest we sponsor for local high school journalists (Dispatch provides $1,000 in prize money), and he and Hohbach would judge – inviting the Best in Show winner (“The Marty”) to attend and be honored at Founders Day.


Board officers: Discussion engaged on board officers for 2015-16; Bacha volunteered to serve as VP of Programming; Edwards as VP of membership; Buchanan as Treasurer; Meyer as Secretary … all depending on whether Cadwallader (not present) would agree to serve as president; Bacha to contact Cadwallader and communicate with the board via e-mail.




None beyond that detailed above


New Business




Next meeting set for noon Monday, April 20 at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, 775 Yard St., Columbus. Motion to adjourn by Meyer, seconded by Bacha, approved 8-0, and the board adjourned at approximately 1:10 p.m.



Minutes prepared by board member Joe Meyer

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