Feb 23 2015 board meeting minutes

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Society of Professional Journalists

Central Ohio Pro Chapter

Minutes of Feb. 23, 2015 board meeting


ATTENDANCE: Sarah Mills Bacha, Doug Buchanan, Bruce Cadwallader, Mary Ann Edwards, Beth Gianforcaro, Julanne Hohbach, Joe Meyer. Chelsea Castle also brought in via conference call to reach quorum and hold several votes near end of meeting.


President Bacha called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, 775 Yard St. Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43212




Dec. 15, 2014 meeting minutes: No amendments. Motion to approve made by Hohbach, seconded by Meyer. Approved by 8-0 vote with Castle joining by conference call.


Jan. 23, 2015 meeting: Motion to approve made by ?, seconded by ?.

No amendments. Approved by 8-0 vote with Castle tele-conferencing in.



Treasurer’s Report

See attached financial statements of Fifth Third checking account; PayPal account and Vanguard account from Treasurer Doug Buchanan.


Dec. 15, 2014 meeting Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve by Edwards, seconded by Cadwallader. Approved by 8-0 vote with Castle tele-conferencing in.



Jan. 23, 2015 meeting Treasurer Report: Motion to approve by ?, seconded by ?. Approved by 8-0 vote with Castle tele-conferencing in.





Vice President Cadwallader reports he continues to cull chapter membership records, to verify addresses, email addresses, etc. Treasurer Buchanan is sharing all email from national on new member/renewing member dues submission. Work to produce a clean list is ongoing.






President Bacha reviewed programming from the current chapter year. These included: The Main Street Free Press Museum program Sept. 4 in Fredericktown; the Ohio State Bar Association’s Law & Media Conference Oct. 10; the Newsies play/social Jan. 15; the ethics program at Ohio State featuring Kevin Smith discussing the recently revised SPJ Code of Ethics, and; the upcoming 2015 Founders Day.


She was working to secure a date for a private screening of the Academy Award-winning documentary Citizenfour at the Gateway Theater. Also discusses another possible program on the revised Code of Ethics at Otterbein University.


The upcoming Region 4 Conference at Ohio University also was discussed. The OU Student Chapter is staging the event, set for March 20-21. Board member Mary Ann Edwards and past member Phil Rudell will attend, with member Kevin Smith will be a presenter at several sessions.


President Bacha noted a recent letter received from OU Chapter adviser Nerissa Young, soliciting a minimum monetary donation/sponsorship of $500 to underwrite parts of the conference, with suggested options ranging up to $1,500 to sponsor the opening reception or breakfast.  After discussion, the board settled on a resolution to sponsor two events at the Regional, for a total of $650, in return for a print ad in the event program and verbal recognition of the sponsorship during the events.


Motion by Cadwallader, seconded by Gianfarcaro was approved by 8-0 vote, with Castle tele-conferencing in.



Founders Day update

Board members engaged in wide-ranging discussion about various aspects of the pending Founders Day annual chapter banquet, set for April 8, with folk singer-journalist Bill Cohen as the entertainment/program.


Venue/Cost: President Bacha shared a quote for hosting from The Boathouse at Confluence Park, and compared options offered by The Vue in the Brewery District. Board consensus was reached to hold the event at The Vue, 95 Liberty St., Columbus 43215. Motion was made by Meyer, seconded by Gianfarcaro, to hold the 2015 Founders Day at The Vue, at a per-person cost not to exceed $50. Passed 8-0 vote, with Castle tele-conferencing in.


Annual Chapter awards: Possible nominees for the Chapter’s First Amendment, Appreciation and Distinguished Service awards were discussed. Ballot to go out to membership via Survey Monkey prior to the board’s March meeting.


Board membership/terms: Discussion engaged on which board members terms are up. Those with terms ending include Bacha, Cadwallader, Castle and Jennifer Monnin, who is believed to be term-limited from seeking another term. It was noted that the board has two existing vacancies, with no appointments made to fill the vacancies created by resignations of Jon Peterson and Dan Caterinicchia. If we do not replace Monnin, we essentially have gone to a 12-member board from a 15-member board. A Charter Amendment to do just that has been discussed but not put forward to Chapter membership formally.


Member Gianfarcaro agreed to get the Survey Monkey email poll out to membership, on both the board members vote and Chapter award nominations.




None beyond that detailed above


New Business




Next meeting was set for noon Monday, March 16 at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, 775 Yard St., Columbus. Cadwallader moved to adjourn with Buchanan seconding, and the board adjourned at approximately 1:10 p.m.



Minutes prepared by board member Joe Meyer

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