Aug 18 2014 board meeting minutes

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Meeting Minutes 8/18/14


Members present: S. Mills Bacha, D. Buchanan, D.Caterinicchia, K. Kasler, J. Meyer, M.Edwards, N. Craft., K. Smith, B. Cadwallader (a quorum existed)

Absent: C. Castle, B. Gianforcaro, J. Hohbach,  J. Peters, J. Monnin

Meeting Start time: 12:07 (Buckeye Hall of Fame Café)                    Meeting End Time: 1:08


  • Minutes. N/A since they were not presented. Still seeking prior minutes from 2010 and 2011.
  • Treasurer’s Report: $5,271 in the checking; appr. $35,662  in Vanguard.
  • Membership: The committee chair (Bruce) will reach out to National SPJ for updated records. He has suggested at least one programming event be geared at membership recruitment.
  • Programming:
  • It was determined the first program on Jan. 15 should be tickets to a Broadway Series viewing of “Newsies,” at the Ohio Theater with preferred group seating.
  • Main Street Free Press Museum tour is Sept. 4 at 7:15 p.m. with John Long for those who can attend and enjoy a street festival.
  • We have been asked to sponsor the Ohio Bar Association Media/Law Conference Oct. 10. MOTION #1 BY Craft/seconded by K. Smith to spend $500 to send 10 students to the program at $15 each and sponsor a continental breakfast up to $350. UNANIMOUS VOTE FOR APPROVAL.


  • Chapter Judging: A coordinator other than B. Gianforcaro and the President is needed for next year’s round of press judging and a committee will meet with Ohio SPJ Awards coordinators to go over our more limited role and expectations. President Bacha has outlined 2015 Judging Requirements in a separate memo (i.e. limits the number of entries we will judge and takes Central Ohio SPJ out of the national judging pool).





  • Bylaws committee: Cadwallader, Craft, Smith, Bacha and Hohbach will attempt a review of the bylaws.
  • Juding committee: (see prior entry)
  • National Convention in Nashville, Sept.4-6. President Bacha will represent the chapter. The chapter has two (2) votes in the Business Session because of 89 active members. D. Cat and K. Smith are also attending. MOTION #2 by Cadwallader/seconded by D. Cat: To authorize and reimburse Bacha up to $1,300 for travel and expenses related to the convention as our official delegate. APPROVED.


  • Annual Reports are due by May of each year and include an audit.
  • The board is considering the use of an outsourcing agent or volunteer to maintain the Website.
  • A new National Ethics Code will be discussed at National SPJ Convention by K. Smith and others. He expects a floor fight since the document has not been revised since 1996 despite the efforts of a national committee who met in Columbus in July.
  • The board will accept participation in an Ohio University data-mining study at the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism. Members to be contacted individually.
  • Next board meeting: 15 at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Care, Grandview Yard @ Noon.


Minutes recorded by B. Cadwallader

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