Dec 10 2012 board meeting minutes

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Dec. 10, 2012, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Sharon West, Phil Rudell, Julanne Hohbach, Doug Haddix, Beth Gianforcaro, Jennifer Monnin, Dan Caterinicchia, Chelsea Castle, Tom Borgerding

Call to order and minutes approved: 12:15 p.m. (Minutes approved were from June. November minutes were not there for board to review. Plan to review November and December minutes at January meeting.)

Welcome to new board member: Chelsea introduced herself and the rest of the board members did the same to welcome her to the group.

Financial: Phil reported that the checking balance was $6,421.33, up from more than $6,348 a month earlier.

Regarding the possible “fiscal cliff,” the Vanguard accounts and the current distribution of 76 percent in stocks and 24 percent in a money market account, Phil said Vanguard has five basic options, ranging from the most aggressive (100 percent in stocks) to the most conservative (20 percent in stocks). Phil suggested a future split of 38 percent stock, 38 percent bonds, 24 percent money market. Some members said that might still be too much exposure in the stock market.

Doug said the breakdown at IRE is 20 percent stocks, 20 percent money market and 60 percent bonds. He and other board members favor that more conservative split based on the board’s nonprofit status and as incentive to increase membership and revenue from events.

The board discussed numerous options and potential stock/bond/money market distributions over the next half hour. It was decided that more detailed information is needed on the bond funds that could be invested in and if any fees would be applied for using on of Vanguard’s models. But the board agreed action was merited in light of the “fiscal cliff” and other factors. Ultimately, Dan proposed a motion for a 50/50 stock/money market split, but withdrew it before a vote.

Dan then proposed a new motion, which was seconded and then passed unanimously, to change the current split to a 33 percent stocks and 67 percent money market until the bond fund and model fee questions can be answered, which is expected by the January meeting. The board would like to move toward a more conservative stock/bond/money market distribution once those questions are answered.

Membership: No update.

Programming: Beth reported that the KipCamp Social Media Summit Nov. 13-14 was fantastic and publicly applauded Doug’s efforts in organizing it and getting SPJ involved. Doug said the event was sold out with 115 attendees. SPJ board’s cut should be $1,422. Beth and OSU students blogged the event, which was a “win-win for everybody,” Doug said. The evaluations were excellent, with the lowest rating of 85 percent and most suggestions about having tables (instead of chairs) next year for laptops for better note-taking. Doug thinks a bigger room and 150 attendees next year is possible.

Beth said Dec. 6 mixer with Ohio Public Relations Society of America at the Plank’s on High St. had about 6 attendees. But she received about 35 email responses expressing interest had it been a different day/time. The idea for next year is to try again, just not in December.

Founders Day: Sharon has tentatively reserved May 16 at the River Club; same room/contract as last year. Still no contract in hand and manager there has not been great to work with. Julanne expressed concern about the $2,000 minimum and said that makes a corporate sponsor a must. Others agreed and hope the Dispatch will again come through, especially since Mike Curtin is the keynote speaker. Sharon will check on rooms/pricing at the Fawcett Center. Jennifer has had some early talks about the Founders Club at Nationwide Arena. The board would like to make firm decisions on the location at the January meeting.

Upcoming events: Beth discussed plans for a possible event in January/February focused on career planning for journalists. She will be checking on speaker costs.

There was also discussion about a separate event focused on photo and video demonstrations on new equipment, how to use and edit, etc. Doug said Joe Camoriano at Ohio State is working on something similar focused on iPhones: iPhone-ography. Tom, Chelsea and others said this event could be great for meshing younger journalists with veterans, maybe some reverse mentoring.

Old business: None

New business: Regional conference is set for Dayton on April 5-6. There has been a request for some board members to chair different committees and Tom said he is willing to help.

SPJ awards are coming up and judges are needed for Region 5. Julanne, Jennifer, Tom and Chelsea volunteered to judge.

Discussion of next year’s officers and bylaws review tabled until January.

Meeting adjourned at 1:13 p.m.

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