Nov 12 2012 board meeting minutes

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Nov. 12, 2012, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Eric Lyttle, Sharon West, Phil Rudell, Julanne Hohbach, Doug Haddix, Beth Gianforcaro, Jennifer Monnin, Dan Caterinicchia

Call to order and minutes approved: 12:12 p.m. (Certain spelling of names need to be corrected from October minutes.)

Financial: Phil reported that the checking balance was $6,348.83, down from more than $7,500 a month earlier. Payment to Eric for convention expenses was the reason. Phil said he had cut a check for $100 to Ohio State Bar Association for breakfast food at the October event. Julanne suggested a higher approved amount next year as food ran out pretty quickly this year. Beth will let OSBA officials know that more funds should be available for next year’s event.

Vanguard account balance as 9/30/2012: $32,581.08, up almost $2,000 from June 30.

Jennifer and others expressed concern that the equity exposure (roughly 75 percent) was too high and suggested that Vanguard be asked to recommend a different allocation for our group. Phil will call Vanguard and send an email to the Board with Vanguard’s recommendation.

Membership: Eric gave Phil a check from national headquarters for about $300, mostly membership renewals. Membership remains at about 100 people.

Programming: Beth reported that the OSBA/SPJ Law and Media conference was a success.

Doug reported that the Social Media Summit scheduled for Nov. 13-14 has been sold out for weeks with attendees coming from as far as Dallas.

Beth said the Dec. 6 mixer with Ohio Public Relations Society of America is set for 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Plank’s on High Street. Board discussed and approved inviting the OSU student chapter to this event.

Beth discussed plans for a possible event in January focused on career planning.

Founders Day: The board approved, by a unanimous voice vote, an invitation to Mike Curtin (former Dispatch editor/executive and newly elected state representative) to be keynote speaker. Location and date TBD but May 9 or 16 are preferred. Possible locations include the OSU golf course, former Boat/River House, Founders Club at Nationwide.

Old business: None

New business: The board discussed filling the open board and discussed a few former candidates. Dan nominated Chelsea Castle, editor of UWeekly, as a new choice. The board approved, by unanimous voice vote, an invitation for Chelsea to join the board to fulfill the rest of Kevin Kemper’s term.

The board noted a coming leadership void for secretary, president-elect and treasurer. Eric will email the board about Chelsea Castle and encourage members to think about filling leadership positions.

Meeting adjourned at 1:06 p.m.


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