Oct 10 2011 board meeting minutes

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October 10, 2011 board meeting minutes

Attendance: Tom Borgerding, Dan Caterinicchia, Beth Gianforcaro, Meredith Heagney, Julanne Hohbach, Barbara James, Kevin Kemper, Eric Lyttle, Sarah Mills Bacha, Chuck Nelson, Phil Rudell, Sharon West

Approved minutes from September meeting

Financial report: postponed because of Phil’s computer problems

>Discussed concerns about the fact that most of the board works for the Dispatch Printing Co. now; something to be cognizant of
>We will do a monthly e-mail to members; Meredith will offer what happened at that week’s meeting; Kevin Shook will give legal commentary, and whatever else; Chuck will send it
>Chuck and Kevin will be Facebook admins
>Beth will check into migrating our LinkedIn status from individual to group (so we can start discussions)

>Law and Media conference is Friday. Andrew is a panelist; Tom and Julanne will go
>Chuck did member e-blast and posted it to our website
>Eric and Meredith reported from Franklin County Consortium for Good Government issues forum on Oct. 6; the next one is Oct. 24 (Tom is moderator and we are sending volunteers)
>We didn’t get grant for the OSU program; Julanne is going to investigate who did win and why
>Dan is negotiating for OSU 100th anniversary networking event (Oct. 28) with Eddie George’s Grill. He is hoping for at least 50 people
>We approved up to $500 for the event
>Diversity event: We’ve done religion the last two years; we need to put some ideas together and talk; aiming for January or February
>We need to remember the Worthington Inn is not very accessible; need new place or first floor
>Barb points out our venues don’t always need to be fancy (Panera has a community room, for example)

Bylaws review
>Phil asks about the standing committee we’re supposed to have for scholarship funds; we’ve just used an ad hoc committee
>Chuck points out that changing the bylaws is a lot of work

Phil’s national convention review
>First year SPJ national event is combined with RTDNA and the whole convention was better
>Marquee speakers were all broadcast
>2012 convention is in Fort Lauderdale
>The big issues were one person, one vote and Helen Thomas
>They also discussed the use of the terms “undocumented” and “illegal” and “alien” … maybe a diversity issue? (attorney source, AP, Fronteras editor)

>We approved Chuck to join board and fill Laura’s vacant seat
>We talked about how to keep permanent records; they’re all over the place (people’s houses, Otterbein), but Barb says if everyone dumps them with her, she’ll sort this summer after her son’s wedding
>Julanne, Phil and Meredith will set aside clean copies of agendas, financials and minutes
>We updated our contacts

— prepared by Meredith Heagney

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