Jan 11 2010 board meeting minutes

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January 11, 2010 board meeting minutes

Attendance: Jennifer Monnin, Jane Beathard, Robin Hepler, Chuck Nelson, Kevin Kemper, Sarah Mills Bacha, Sharon West, Julanne Hohbach, Beth Gianforcaro, Barb James, Katy Waters, Jonathan Peters

President Kevin Kemper called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m. with a quorum present.

Minutes of the Dec. 14, 2009, meeting were amended and approved.

Robin Hepler provided the treasurer’s report. She said there’s been minimal activity in the last month. Kemper announced that the Central Ohio Chapter did not receive the $500 grant from the national organization to pay expenses for the recent diversity event. Katy Waters will owes $73 for the Air Tran refund.

The balance in the checking account was $3,894.57 as of Dec. 18.

Payments from Nov. 30: Katy Waters (Hampton Inn room) $197.31.

Currently, there is $173.97 in the PayPal account.

Potential revenue from November event: Air Tran refund $400.

Programming: “Meet the Kips” night in conjunction with OSU is scheduled for Jan. 29 at the Grandview Cafe. The Kiplinger Program will pay for half the cost of the event because those who attended their social media camps will be included on the guest list.

Waters reported that Joe Meyer is working on the newsroom training event. The national organization will pay for a portion of the program. Meyer suggested May 1 as a good date for the event.

Jennifer Monnin pointed out that May 1 is close to the end of the college year and final exam time. It might prevent some students from attending.

Barb James noted that the program needs to be geared to the over-30 age group. Students already know how to use much of the new media.

Sharon West suggested the scope of the program be expanded to issues faced by staff of smaller newspapers. Waters said the Dispatch and Otterbein University are possible locations for the program.

Beth Gianforcaro reported progress on planning Founders Day. She’s contacted the Scarlet & Gray Golf Course at OSU as a prospective location. The Fawcett Center would provide a second choice if the clubhouse is not available. She’s also sent a letter to Sen. George Voinovich’s office, inviting him to be the evening’s speaker. Suggested topic is his long career in public service with a look into the future of Ohio and reflections on his experiences with the working press.

Gianforcaro also said she hopes to find someone to jump-start the silent auction at Founders Day.

Kemper said it is too difficult to get candidates who are running for public office to agree to speak in May. He suggested Chief Justice Tom Moyers as an alternate choice to speak if Voinovich is unavailable.

Julanne Hohbach suggested moving up the deadline for SPJ scholarship nominations to the end of February. She volunteered to help with this year’s scholarship awards.

Waters contacted Experience Columbus for possible locations for the statewide SPJ awards luncheon in October and received proposals from Ohio Stadium, Ohio Union, COSI and the Ohio Statehouse.

She liked the idea of the new Ohio Union and it is the cheapest at $3,400 for the banquet room and food for 125 attendees. West added that people would enjoy seeing the new facility and that it would make a good venue for both Founders Day and the awards ceremony.

Waters noted that Ohio Stadium might be more attractive. The price there is $5,300 for 125 attendees. For about $1 per person extra, the facility would include a tour.

Membership: Hohbach said the national organization wants to recruit 2,010 new members this year and will track all those who join. Chapters who recruit the most new members will receive three free reservations for the 2011 national conference. The national organization has several suggestions for recruitment. It still provides a reduced rate for unemployed reporters.

Old Business: Phil Ruddel has indicated interest in replacing Ismail Turay on the board of directors.

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

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