May 11 2009 board meeting minutes

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May 11, 2009 board meeting minutes

Attendance: Jennifer Monnin, Jane Bethard, Mike Lorz, Katy Waters, Sarah Mills Bacha, Robin Hepler, Julanne Hohbach, Check Nelson, Joe Meyer, Kevin Kemper, Ismail Touray, Barbara James

President Kevin Kemper called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. with a quorum present.

Minutes of the March 9 and April 4 meetings were to be approved online.

Treasurer Sarah Mills Bacha said the regional conference in April earned $3,300 for the chapter. She is also waiting for a final bill from Jonathan Peters for Leonard Pitts’ expenses in order to provide reimbursement. There’s also a book by Leonard Pitts left over from the conference if anyone wants to buy it.

Programming: Joe Meyer moved that SPJ be a sponsor for the Franklin County Consortium for Good Government at a fee of $25. Sarah Mills Bacha seconded. For that amount, the chapter gets the SPJ name on all literature associated with the event. The motion passed.

Mike Lorz and Sarah Mills Bacha suggested the chapter provide a gift for speakers at all SPJ functions. Jennifer Monnin offered to obtain an item from the national organization.

Membership: Lorz suggested SPJ look at lowering the membership fee for displaced journalists. It was suggested the chapter waive local dues for those individuals. Kevin Kemper offered to contact the national organization to see what mechanics will be involved in waiving those fees. It was also suggested the chapter Web site provide links to job banks. Chuck Nelson said he would post links on the site as members sent the links to him.

Committees: Kevin Kemper said board members will need to decide on next year’s committee assignments and sign up soon.

Old Business: It was decided to take no further action on a request by the Columbus Association of Black Journalists for a chapter comment regarding recent layoffs at the Dispatch and WSYX-TV. The organization was concerned about reduced minority representation in those media outlets.

New Business: Sarah Mills Bacha said she plans to resign as treasurer and her position will need to be filled soon.

Mike Lorz noted that the Central Ohio SPJ chapter will be expected to host the statewide awards in 2010.

Chuck Nelson moved the chapter pay expenses for Kevin Kemper (or his designee) to attend the national convention in August. Sarah Mills Bacha seconded. The motion passed.

Kevin Kemper introduced Barbara James, assistant business editor at the Dispatch, as the new board member.

Sarah Mills Bacha said Phil Ruddell is interested in joining the board. Ruddell will help with the Founders’ Day auction, should it be reinstated. Bruce Cadwallader also offered to help with the auction.

The meeting adjourned at 12:50.

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