Sept 8 2008 board meeting minutes

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September 8, 2008, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Jennifer Monnin, Robin Hepler, Julanne Hohbach, Chuck Nelson, Jane Beathard, Mike Lorz, Joe Meyer, Katy Waters, Kevin Kemper, Sherri Williams, Hillary Warren

President Jennifer Monnin called the meeting to order at noon with a roll call. A quorum was present.

Minutes of the June 9 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer Sarah Mills Bacha provided an updated report and said the Vanguard investment fund has dropped slightly due to the poor market. The balance at the end of June was $30,265.68. The 500 Index Fund alone lost nearly $500 between March and June. However, she noted the outcome was still better with two funds instead of the previous four.

She also questioned whether or not it is necessary to maintain a balance in the PayPal account. President Monnin said she would research the matter and report next month.

Committee reports:

Kevin Kemper provided a proposed schedule of programs for the upcoming year and said the event on Sept. 4 in Fredericktown went well. Mike Lorz said he took a group of Somali students to the event, which provided them a good exposure to Middle America, he said.

Hillary Warren said Linda Gradstein, NPR’s correspondent in Israel, will be in town on Sept. 18 for some youth events. She asked if SPJ would be interested in sponsoring an event.

The annual Law and Media Conference, sponsored by the Columbus Bar Association, is set for Oct. 3. Registration forms are in the mail. SPJ is paying for the morning coffee and snacks and will be billed after the event. The bill is expected to be about $100. Hillary Warren will be a participant in the panel on diminishing press freedom for student newspapers.

The annual SPJ diversity event is yet to be scheduled, but will likely take place in October or November. It was suggested that this year’s event focus on race and gender in the 2008 general election and be co-hosted by the Metropolitan Club. The club is open to such an event. Board members were asked to solicit journalists involved in covering the upcoming presidential election to participate in the program. Hillary Warren said this type of event would be better attended after the election.

The annual reception for OSU’s new Kiplinger Fellows will be held in January. Possible locations include the WOSU studio at COSI and the Glenn School of Public Affairs at OSU.

It was suggested that the annual newsroom training be coupled with the Region 5 Conference, scheduled for Columbus in March or April. Conference committee members are Jennifer Monnin, Kevin Kemper, Katy Waters, Bruce Cadwallader, Mike Lorz, Ismail Turay and Brian Ball. Joe Meyer asked if the chapter gets credit for sessions sponsored at the regional conference. Monnin said she would check on that.

Katy Waters reported on the National SPJ Conference and said Region 5 was well represented in the slate of national officers. The Cincinnati chapter received recognition for increasing its membership.

It was suggested that the chapter consider an annual program on new media skills. Previous programs on the topic have been well attended.

It was also suggested that the chapter suspend dues for a year, considering poor economic times. Discounts on national dues are already available to new members.

President Monnin announced that Trace Regan has resigned from the board. She nominated Jonathan Peters, an OSU law student and SPJ pro member, to take his place. The term runs to 2010.

Old Business:

Mike Lorz reported the Ohio SPJ Awards will be Oct. 18 at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. A tour following the event will include vaults where much of the music memorabilia is stored.

New Business:

President Monnin said the chapter needs a member to assume responsibility for FOIA updates. Former board member Paul Kostyu provided the updates previously. The new source should be a Statehouse contact.

The meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

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