Jan 14 2008 board meeting minutes

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Jan. 14, 2008, board meeting minutes

Meeting started at 12:08 p.m.

Attending: Richter, Kemper, Lorz, Helpler, Kostyu, Ball, Regan, Beathard, Bacha and Monnin

December minutes approved on motion from Richter and second from Kemper. Still pending for approval are minutes from November 2007 meeting. Joe Meyer was in the hospital and unable to submit minutes.

Financial Report
Bacha presented the financial report. Richter and Ball to conduct review of Vanguard account.

Monnin reviewed upcoming programming. We will have 10 programs for the 2007-2008 year, which is above the requirement set by national.

Jan. 24 was “Meet of the Kiplinger Fellows;” newsroom training on Feb. 16; we will co-sponsor an event at the Thurber House. Monnin moved, Kostyu seconded spending $100 for that sponsorship. We will have an ethics program during the week of April 21. Annual Founders Day banquet will be May 22. Kemper said he will pick a date for a cocktail hour event.

Ohio SPJ Awards:
Lorz pointed out that it appears a Cincy chapter contest lifts verbatim, including artwork, nearly entirely the program that the three Ohio chapters have used for the annual Ohio SPJ awards. Ball said the Columbus and Cleveland chapters should send a cease and desist order to Cincy and that we should move as quickly as possible. “What they’re doing is unethical,” Ball said. The board agreed that a notice should be sent out to potential participants in the Ohio SPJ contest that they should not be confused should they get two entries that look the same. Lorz said he would also contact national about continuing problems with Cincy chapter.

Regarding the Ohio contest, five new categories were added for colleges, broadcasting and non-daily papers.

New Business
Ball said the new Southern Ohio SPJ chapter is trying to figure out what its borders should be, calling it a daunting task to get members.

Hepler agreed to represent the board of the Ohio U. induction ceremony.

Kostyu gave an FOIA update.

Beathard moved, Ball seconded motion to adjourn. Meeting ended at 12:58 p.m.

Submitted by Paul E. Kostyu (subbing for Meyer)

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