Dec 10 2007 board meeting minutes

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Dec. 10, 2007, board meeting minutes

Meeting started at 12:10 p.m.

Attending: Bacha, Ball, Helpler, Lorz, Kemper, Kostyu, Monnin, Richter, Warren and Williams

Minutes were not available because of Joe Meyer’s absence. Will take up at January meeting

Financial report
Bacha presented the financial report. We’re waiting for the sorting out of Ohio SPJ funds.

Warren and Monnin reported on two recent programs. Upcoming programs include: a meet the Kips at Ohio State in January, media training either on Feb. 9 or 16. Warren offered space at Otterbein; a program led by Deb Jasper on March 26; an ethics program being developed for April 23, and Founders’ Day in May: Richter to reserve OSU golf course; Connie Schultz mentioned as possible speaker.

With regard to membership, Kemper said he’s been sending out notices encouraging participation; board discussed doing an after-work cocktail gathering, though past efforts have not generated participation as much as desired.

Ohio SPJ Awards
Ball gave an update on the collaboration between the Cincy, Cleveland and Columbus chapters; there’s a consideration to move annual contest deadline from late January to mid-February. Also, Ball said he has not heard anything more about the SPJ Southern Ohio chapter’s progress.

Old business
The board discussed the timing of programs to draw more participation of people in and out of journalism.

New business
Kostyu said the Supreme Court is looking at changing court rules regarding access to information to make access to some material more restrictive. Ball moved and Monnin seconded that President Lorz send a letter to the court opposing restrictions. (Later in the day, Kostyu put Lorz in touch with Frank Deaner of the Ohio Newspaper Association who was coordinating an organized response to the proposed rules from a number of media outlets.)

Kevin moved, Ball seconded motion to adjourn. Meeting ended at 1:14 p.m.

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