Sept 10 2007 board meeting minutes

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Sept. 10, 2007, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Brian Ball, Robin Hepler, Kevin Kemper, David Richter, Trace Regan, Michael Lorz, Kathy Hoke, Sherri Williams, Jane Beathard, Hillary Warren, Jennifer Monnin, Sarah Mills Bacha and Paul Kostyu

President Mike Lorz called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m.

Minutes approved: Moved by Kostyu, second by Richter. No changes

Board Service Areas: Lorz reviewed a preliminary list of service areas for board members for the 2007-2008 year. He asked members who were not listed to think about where they could help.

President: Mike Lorz
VP Programming: Jennifer Monnin
VP Membership: Kevin Kemper, with Robin Hepler as mentor
Secretary: Joe Meyer (Paul Kostyu as backup)
Treasurer: Sarah Mills Bacha
Founder’s Day:
Newsroom Training Program: Dave Richter
Diversity Program: Sherri Williams and Robin Helper
Ethics Program: Trace Regan with Robin Hepler
Graphic Design/Website/E-mail blasts: Kevin Kemper with Chuck Nelson
Contest Judging: Jane Beathard with Sherri Williams and Jennifer Monnin
Chapter Awards: Sherri Williams with Trace Regan
Scholarships: Brian Ball with Jennifer Monnin, Trace Regan, Kevin Kemper and Paul Kostyu
Student Chapter Liaison: Paul Kostyu
Ohio and Regional Relationships: Brian Ball
FOI: Paul Kostyu
Chapter History: Lou Fabro

Communication Team: Mike Lorz and lead person for each individual program

Programming: Monnin said that a diversity event is being planned for November. She reminded board members about the Media and Law event at the Ohio State Bar Association on Oct. 5, which we co-sponsor. Lorz said he would mail brochures to chapter members. Monnin has met with former board member Debra Jasper about a late January meeting with the new class of Kiplinger Fellows at Ohio State and she is looking in having another new media program.

Warren suggested a good program for students and new journalists might be one that explores newsroom structure in the new media era. Regan added that the new media focus could be: what is it, how to use it and the impact of it. How does it enhance, improve or detract from what we do as journalists.

Members discussed whether the new media topic should be a theme throughout the year’s programming and whether it should be part of the newsroom-training program in February or March. Monnin said the ethics program will be in April. Warren said a former Otterbein student’s experiences climbing through the journalism system might be worth including in a program.

Another possible program mentioned was one with the Cleveland chapter dealing with the late House Speaker Verne Riffe.

Membership: Kemper provided some ideas about expanding membership, especially among broadcasters. Warren suggested a program for senior college students might help provide a transition into the profession and SPJ. Lorz said such a program would help introduce people to each other.

Ball suggested we help arrange a job fair similar to one held each year at Bowling Green State University (his alma mater, by the way) as a way to attract new members.

Warren was asked to begin an e-mail discussion with members about clips, tips and mentoring.

State and Regional SPJ: Ball noted the Ohio SPJ Awards banquet is now scheduled for Oct. 27, moved back from the original Sept. 15. We are hosting the event at the River Club. The Dispatch is the sponsor with a $3,000 contribution. Tickets are $40 ($20 for students). Lorz suggested the Dr. Richard Hendrickson of the Cleveland Chapter serve as master of ceremonies.

Ball said Hendrickson has been instrumental in the negotiations between the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati chapters over trying to straighten out the financial affairs of last year’s awards program in Cincinnati. He said there are no fiscal books to examine and Lorz said there’s no checkbook to see how funds were spent. He said banquet funds were intermingled with the Cincy chapter’s regular funds and it’s hard to know where the money went.

Ball said the person who sold ads for the program last year has yet to be paid. “We’ve made progress,” Ball said. He said a commitment needs to be made by all three chapters to make sure all procedures and standards are in place.

“We just don’t know anything,” Lorz said. “We’re trying to get a resolution to it. We don’t know what the future of the program is.”

Lorz complimented Ball’s efforts in the discussion.

Ball also reported that the new SPJ Southern Ohio Chapter, which we lent advice to, was having its organizational meeting this week.

2007 National SPJ Convention: The board confirmed (Ball moved, Monnin second) an e-mail vote that named Kemper as the chapter’s delegate. The board also approved (Richter moved, Monnin second) providing expenses for Kemper’s flight, room and registration for the convention. Kemper reviewed two by-law issues that are scheduled for a vote at the convention. Ball suggested Kemper get a clarification on an issue regarding dues and its impact on local boards. The board approved (Kostyu motion, Richter second) that Kemper be allowed to vote on those issues and any others as he sees fit on behalf of the Central Ohio chapter.

Financial Report: Bacha reviewed the chapter’s financial standing. She is to correct (and did later in the day) the Vanguard report, which listed $4,000 as a money market purchase when it should have been listed as a money market redemption.

Old Business: None

New Business: Lorz said he participated on behalf of SPJ as the master of ceremonies at the graduation ceremony for a journalism-training program of Somali youth. He said he was impressed with what the students were taught, including values from the SPJ Code of Ethics. He asked permission to write a guest column about it for distribution to area media. The board informally approved.

Warren asked the board to consider sponsorship for a program being held at Otterbein on Nov. 15 (7:30 p.m.) called “The Forward,” which will bring parts of the national Jewish archives to the area. The board approved (Ball moved, Kostyu second) allocating $300 for sponsorship of the event, which can be included in our chapter’s annual diversity programming.

Warren also reported that during the summer, Otterbein students were pressured by the school’s administration to reveal their sources for a story. In the end, the students prevailed in protecting their source. Several members urged Warren to contact the board for help if such incidents happen again.

The board congratulated Warren for being named national College Media Adviser of the Year.

Adjourn: 1:14 p.m.

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