March 12 2007 board meeting minutes

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March 12, 2007, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hoke, Kiefer, Lorz, Meyer, Monnin, Richards, Richter, Williams
Guest: Sharon West

President Brian Ball called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m.

Minutes: The board approved a motion by David Richter, seconded by Joe Meyer, to accept the February meeting minutes that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared.

Financial Report: David reported that the checking account at Fifth Third Bank has $3,951.56. The chapter spent $922.10 on the Jan. 11 lunch at WOSU. The chapter received $475 on the dinner

Programming: Mike Lorz noted that the diversity program on Feb. 22 attracted 26 people, and two of the three speakers showed up. It went well and was informative, Mike said.

The next program, the newsroom training program, is to be held March 31 at the Radisson Hotel, 7007 N. High St., Worthington.

On the weekend of April 13, a regional meeting is to be held in Detroit.

An ethics workshop is to be held April 19. Newsroom leaders will be asked about decisions that got a reaction from the public as to whether they were ethical.

On May 24, our Founders Day event will be held. Gov. Ted Strickland is to be the keynote speaker.

Web site: Joe noted that we need more postings on the Web site to let people know what’s going on. Mike said he could contribute with an article on the diversity program.

Founders Day: Menu and price set for Founders Day

The board approved a motion by Joe, seconded by Jane Beathard, to set the price at $32.

David explained that the cost of everything is up 10-15 percent. The room rental is $100, and there’s an 18-percent gratuity on top of that. The goal is to cover the costs with the ticket sales. A meal is $17, but we must add $3.50 for dessert. We also must account for the dinners that the chapter covers for the speakers, award-winners and scholarships recipients (although board members receiving board-picked awards are required to pay the regular admission).

David noted that the tickets were $27 in 2005 and $29 last year. That led to the recommendation that the price be set at $32 this year.

David said there is no charge for tables used at the auction, and the cash bar doesn’t involve any additional cost.

David noted that we could use a buffet but said that it takes more time and that it’s a challenge when we have speakers. Board members agreed.

The board also agreed to offer pork tenderloin, lemon artichoke chicken and portobello ravioli as options.

Spreading the word: Jennifer Monnin noted that e-mails have been sent to hundreds of people spreading the word on the upcoming Newsroom Training Program to be held on March 31 in Worthington.

Membership: David asked whether journalists from Dayton, for example, would be permitted to have local dues applied to the Central Ohio pro chapter instead of their home chapter?

Jennifer Monnin said people should be able to choose.

Gary Kiefer said the potential problem is that chapters generally hold events in their local areas. Gary also noted that SPJ members are not required to join a local chapter.

Board of Directors:
Three board positions are open Brian announced that a third position opened up because Kirk has decided to resign.

Kirk explained that he is leaving the news business and has informed The Columbus Dispatch that he will be leaving his reporter post in a month. His resignation was accepted, effective at the conclusion of the Founders Day event in May.

Brian and others thanked Kirk for his service over the years. The opening for his spot is an unexpired term of two years.

Sharon West, a professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Ohio State University, introduced herself. Sharon is a candidate to take one of the open board positions.

Gary is leaving the board because of term limits. With Kirk also leaving, that means that two from the Dispatch are being lost. It was suggested that others from the Dispatch be sought for the openings.

Joe said that Hillary Warren told him that she’s honored to be considered.

*Note: After the meeting, board member Debra Jasper notified the board via e-mail that she is resigning because of her busy schedule. Brian said that Debra plans to serve through Founders Day, and a candidate will be identified to serve the remaining two years of her term.

Awards: Brian noted we need nominations for the Brick Wall Award, given to the person or entity that in the chapter’s opinion was the worst violator in blocking access to public meetings or records.

Ohio SPJ: Brian said he heard that the Plain Dealer won’t enter anything into the contest, citing a cash shortage.

Gary said he understood, noting that the Dispatch declined to enter anything into the contest run by the Cleveland Press Club, which upped the entry fees and added categories in what some saw as an attempt to rake in cash. Reporters who want to be in those contests must submit the entries on their own and pay the fees themselves.

Treasurer’s note: David said he submitted a check that the board approved for regional director Kevin Smith’s travel fund in December, and it’s never been cashed. Brian said he’ll ask Kevin about that.

Adjournment: The board approved a motion by David, seconded by Joe, to adjourn at 12:59 p.m.

Post-meeting vote: Via e-mail, the board approved a motion by Joe, seconded by Kirk, to authorize Chuck Nelson to set up a PayPal account for our chapter to allow registrants for Founders Day to pay with credit cards. Ball, Davis, Hepler, Kiefer, Lorz, Meyer, Monnin, Richards and Richter all expressed support.

*Brian noted in a follow-up e-mail to board members that the vote should be confirmed in person at the next meeting.

Next meeting: Noon, Monday, April 9, Planks Café on Parsons Avenue

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