Dec 11 2006 board meeting minutes

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Dec. 11, 2006, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hepler, Hoke, Kiefer, Kostyu, Lorz, Monnin, Richards, Richter

Note: Jasper, Meyer and Williams all notified the board in advance via e-mail that they would be absent.

President Brian Ball called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.

Minutes: The board approved a motion by David Richter, seconded by Paul Kostyu, to approve the minutes from the November meeting that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared.

Financial: David reported that there was no new financial activity this past month.

Programming: Mike Lorz noted that he met with Brian on Saturday to discuss potential programs for next year.

Kiplinger – Mike said he wants to resurrect efforts to host a welcoming event for the new Kiplinger participants in January. The previous effort fell through because the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association didn’t approve. Mike would like to do a box lunch at noon on a Thursday. Brian said we could charge $15. It would be a program to both meet the Kips and tour the WOSU studios.

The previously approved $500 ceiling remains, although Mike hopes it will be significantly less given that we now are looking to hold the program during regular business hours.

A diversity program should be held in February. Mike wants two speakers: the editor of Somali Link and the president of La Voz Hispana. Robin Helper said she would help organize this.

A Bloomberg program should be held in March. Jane Beathard said she can help with this event.

An ethics program should be in April. Mike wants the speakers to talk about specific issues that they faced in the past that presented an ethical dilemma and explain the questions that were asked, how the final decision was made and how they addressed complaints about their handling of the ethical issue. Mike expects that someone in Dispatch management will participate. Sarah Mills Bacha said she can help organize this.

Jennifer Davis said she can help with on-site needs for any of the programs but cannot commit to doing a lot of work in advance of the events because of her busy schedule.

Location for events — Mike wants all the events to be held at the Radisson Hotel on Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington.

Mike noted that we’ll likely take another trip to Fredericktown in the fall.

Founders Day: Paul said that he has not gotten a response from Gov.-elect Ted Strickland or Lt. Gov-elect Lee Fisher on whether either one of them will be available to address us for Founders Day. Paul would rather hear from them before pursuing Marc Dann, who was elected state attorney general in November.

David recommended that we hold the event on May 17th, which is available for an event at the OSU Golf Club. To lock in that day, though, we must sign a contract, David said.

Paul said he would take those dates to Strickland and Fisher.

Ohio SPJ Awards: Brian says he hopes that Bruce Cadwallader will serve as chairman of this event.

Membership: Jennifer Monnin said she plans to send out a recruitment letter in January; the letter that members get will be different from the version that will be sent to prospective members and former members, she said. One goal is to get current members to evangelize to co-workers about the benefits of membership.

Mike said he obtained membership lists from the Ohio Newspaper Association and the Ohio Broadcast Association and can make that available to Jennifer Monnin to mine for potential members.

Jennifer Davis asked whether there’s been any study on why some people don’t renew; David said he thinks the reason is the perceived lack of value in membership. Some people view the dues as a steep price for the Quill magazine without any other tangible benefit. People still have to pay to attend SPJ events, such as the national convention.

Silent Auction: Sarah previously agreed to lead this effort.

Scholarships: Robin said she has a standard letter that she can forward to Brian for him to sign before sending to college journalism programs seeking candidates for the scholarship money.

Officer nomination: Brian asked that the board consider these nominations soon.

Jennifer Monnin said she would be happy sticking with her role leading membership efforts and would be willing to become president in two years.

Members also suggested Debra Jasper as a candidate for vice president.

Gary and Jennifer Davis will be dropping off the board because of term limits.

It was suggested that we seek someone from Ohio Wesleyan or Ohio University.

Awards: Brian asked that the board start thinking about candidates for the Appreciation, Distinguished Service, First Amendment and the Brick Wall awards.

Contest judging: Brian thanked the board members who participated in the judging of entries from Oklahoma. A number of board members said the entries demonstrated that the published works of journalism in central Ohio are stronger.

Brian also asked the board to consider whether we should take on any judging for the annual Mark of Excellence awards. Gary noted that our chapter continues to receive requests from MOE because we continue to say yes. Kathy Hoke said that it’s a good service that our chapter should continue to do if possible. Robin said she’d step up to help organize this judging effort.

Freedom of Information watch: Paul said that House Bill 9 from state Rep. Scott Oeslager, a Canton Republican, is likely to be passed as soon as this week. Gov. Bob Taft is expected to sign it into law. The legislation is to require officials to undergo more training in public-records laws. The Ohio Newspaper Association has been negotiating.

Adjournment: The board approved a motion by Brian, seconded by Paul, to adjourn at 1:07 p.m.

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