Nov 13 2006 board meeting minutes

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Nov. 13, 2006, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Hepler, Hoke, Kiefer, Kostyu, Lorz, Meyer, Monnin, Richards, Richter, Williams

President Brian Ball called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.

October minutes: The board approved a motion by David Richter, seconded by Sarah Mills Bacha, to approve the minutes from the October meeting that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared from the previous meeting.

September minutes: The board approved a motion by David, seconded by Paul Kostyu, to approve the minutes from the September meeting that Kirk prepared; those minutes were not approved at the October meeting because there was no quorum.

Financial report: The checking account at Fifth Third Bank has $2,338.80. The chapter spent $57 on Oct. 20 to reimburse Ken Brown for Law & Media snacks. The chapter received $245 in dues from the national SPJ on Oct. 17 for local dues and an additional $15 in local dues on Nov. 3. As for the Vanguard Accounts, the total value is $32,902. David transferred $2,000 to the checking account.

Per the board’s vote, David transferred $500 to the Columbus Association of Black Journalists for the Julie R. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Membership: Jennifer Monnin suggested that the chapter consider targeting the membership of other organizations as a way to increase ours. Jennifer noted that the John Glenn Institute for Public Policy and the Columbus Council on World Affairs both have lots of potential members.

Board members said they have no problem with sharing SPJ’s membership list with those organizations if it will enable our chapter to increase membership.

Brian asked that the board think of ways to get more young professionals involved in chapter activities.

Programming: Mike Lorz distributed to the board a list of programs.

The list noted that the chapter is looking to work with WOSU at COSI to host a tour there and a reception for the Kiplinger students along with the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association. It’s to be a free program for participants but registration still will be required.

Mike said the venue could accommodate 100-200 people, he was told. The costs could reach $500, with $400 for renting the facility, and the board approved a motion by Mike, seconded by Joe Meyer, to handle those costs.

COSI would need to staff the place with at least three people during the off hours, and that would include security to make sure people don’t wander all over the place unsupervised. Jennifer Davis noted that the chapter has spent comparable amounts of money for Happy Hour events and that this program would be much more substantial.

The chapter also would like to have a diversity panel. Board members suggested that we invite representatives of the newspapers written in Spanish and Somali. Sherri Williams said that diversity includes more than ethnicity and recommended that the board consider publications that cover the gay community, and Mike agreed.

Kathy Hoke noted that publications that cover people with disabilities should be considered. But the question is, what would the hook be? Should it focus on the perspective of reporters and editors trying to cover those diverse communities?

Maybe the event should invite leaders of La Voz, Somali Link and Outlook to tell us about their progress in getting readers and how that compares with what the mainstream press is doing. Brian cautioned against having too many panelists. Mike suggested Fred Gittes as the moderator.

Mike noted that national SPJ has a $500 grant available for ethics, with the theme being “Cause No Harm.” But the deadline for applying is tonight, he said. One ethical question to consider: Is it news to publish the names of people applying for a job with a public agency even though it could result in some being disqualified? Also: When and how do you identify crime victims?

Mike noted that The Other Paper didn’t include Kirk’s Dispatch number in a Media Morsels item questioning Kirk’s use of Columbus assistant Service Director Mary Carran Webster’s number. Perhaps the decision was made to minimize the harm, Mike said.

As for a Bloomberg event, the chapter can choose two of seven options that the organization’s Journalism Training Program has to offer.

Other events
The list noted that we co-sponsored a Religion Writers and Editors Conference in June; co-sponsored a Capital Editors and Reporters Conference in August; sponsored a Back to the Grassroots event in Fredericktown on Sept. 7; co-sponsored a Crisis Media Planning session on Sept. 21; co-sponsored the Ohio SPJ Awards banquet on Sept. 30; co-sponsored Law and Media Conference on Oct. 6.

Ohio SPJ 2007: Our chapter is hosting it this time. Although the event always is held in September, Brian said the chapter needs to move on this project. We handle the banquet but not the nominations or entry forms.

Meeting with secretary treasurer: Lorz noted that he, Brian, David, Kirk and Amanda Kawalek met recently with secretary-treasurer David Aeikens of Minnesota who was hanging out with Bruce Cadwallader. At that meeting, Bruce signaled that he is willing to help us with things. Lorz suggested that Bruce be asked to help with the Ohio SPJ Awards we’re hosting next year.

Contest judging:
At Brian’s request, board members took some entries from an Oklahoma contest to judge. Our chapter has been given only newspaper entries, which amount to a third of the contest, Brian said.

Founders Day: The board agreed that the annual event should remain at the usual venue, the OSU Golf Course. David said he would check on some available dates.

Potential speakers mentioned: Ohio Gov.-elect Ted Strickland or his running mate, Lt. Gov.-elect Lee Fisher; new state Attorney General Marc Dann; OSU athletics director Gene Smith; OSU football coach Jim Tressel. Paul said he would ask Strickland and Fisher about their availability.

Offices and board nominations: Brian asked that the board think about this issue to be discussed at the next meeting. Gary Kiefer and Jennifer Davis will be forced off the board because of term limits.

Brian asked that the board think about who could run for president or vice president.

Silent Auction: Sarah agreed to chair the auction again and Jennifer Davis said she would help.

Supporting the regional director’s fund: The board approved a motion by Paul, seconded by David, to approve $200 for the fund that will help with the travels of Region 4 Director Kevin Smith. Paul ended up voting against his motion, saying that he considered the amount too high. The amount is less than the $500 that the national office has recommended that a chapter of our size pay to the fund.

Our chapter paid $100 to the fund in 2001 and $100 in 2003, David said.

CABJ’s Julie R. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund reception: Mike noted that he and David attended and that it was heartening to see the four scholarship recipients speak about their goals in journalism. Kirk and Sherri, the president and vice president of CABJ respectively, served as speakers at the event that was held on Oct. 28 at the St. Stephens Community House.

Adjournment: The board approved a motion by Joe, seconded by Paul, to adjourn at 1:05 p.m.

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