Feb 13 2006 board meeting minutes

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Feb. 13, 2006, board meeting minutes

Attendance: Bacha, Ball, Beathard, Davis, Meyer, Monnin, Nelson, Richards, Richter

President Joe Meyer called the meeting to order at 12:16 p.m. A quorum was not achieved until 12:28 p.m. when Jennifer Monnin arrived. Sarah Mills Bacha came five minutes later.

Financial report: The chapter has $2,202.24 in the checking account at Fifth Third Bank.

The chapter paid $200 to the OSU Golf Course Restaurant on Jan. 12 as a deposit for the Founders Day event. Joe received $447.38 on Jan. 12 as a reimbursement for his national convention expenses. The Westin was paid $248.43 on Jan. 12 for a Thursdays at Thurber event. Board member Brian Ball received $78.98 on Jan. 26 as reimbursement for pizza he purchased for the Kiplinger reception. Sarah received $223.05 on Feb. 2 as a reimbursement for the Podcasting lunch. The Westin was paid $250 on Feb. 9 for this month’s installation of Thursdays at Thurber.

On Jan. 12, Treasurer David Richter transferred $1,000 from the Vanguard account to the checking account because the checking account was running low.

The chapter received $325 on Feb. 3 for the Podcasting lunch.

The total value of the Vanguard Funds is $37,565.79.

The board approved a motion by Brian, seconded by Jennifer Monnin, to approve the financial report that David prepared.

Thursdays at Thurber: The event last week attracted 12 to 15, which is average. Joe said he is committed to supporting the Thursday events through his presidency but asked that a subcommittee explore its future. Joe recommended that the name change to something like “SPJ Thursdays,” which would allow for the event to be held at various locations. Sarah, Jennifer Davis and Jennifer Monnin agreed to serve on the subcommittee with Joe.

Sara suggested that the chapter would not have to continue providing the guests with food, which is the greatest expense the chapter faces with the event.

March is expected to be the “last call” for the Thursday event to be held at Thurber.

Web site: Chuck Nelson said he posted recordings from the Podcasting event on the Web site. Two people have signed up to receive e-mails, Chuck said. Chuck said he could post a note on the blog to alert members and prospective members that they are welcome to attend meetings. Members said that the only issue could be seating at Planks. David asserted that it is unlikely that the invitation will attract a huge crowd. Joe recommended that the chapter send snail mail to chapter members whose e-mail addresses are unknown and ask that they disclose that information, if they have an e-mail account.

David said the last roster he is aware of was completed in March 2003. Joe said Mike Lorz could handle the task of preparing an updated roster.

Programs: Arc of Justice author Kevin Boyle is to speak at noon on Feb. 28 at Barley’s. Brian said the cost could be $18 to $20 for professional guests and $15 for students.

Metro Club luncheon: Brian said he has had difficulties getting details from the club on the event; Joe told Brian he has done enough.

Regional Conference: Joe said the regional is to be held April 7-8 in Cincinnati but that details are lacking. John Lansing of the Scripps Networks is to give a keynote speech.

Tim Harrower is to give a design seminar on April 22, likely at Otterbein College. Joe said that he needs volunteers to serve on a subcommittee to hash out details and thought that board member Paul Kostyu would be a logical choice.

Founders Day: Paul Tipps and Neil Clark are scheduled to speak at the May 18 event.

Board seats: Five seats are open, and three current board members whose terms are expiring have agreed to seek new terms. Deb Jasper, director of the Kiplinger program, has agreed to seek the fourth seat. Jennifer Davis said she would ask Dispatch reporter Sherri Williams whether she would be interested. Sara also noted that Dispatch reporter Charlie Roduta has attended a number of SPJ events along with Sherri and should be considered. Beth Gianforcaro, a former chapter president, also was mentioned as a potential candidate.

Mike Lorz, the current 2nd vice president, is to become 1st vice president, Joe said. Brian, who is to become president, said he still is seeking a 2nd vice president. Jennifer Monnin said she is thinking about it.

Chuck said he could send out an e-mail seeking nominations.

January minutes approved: The board approved a motion by David, seconded by Jane Beathard, to approve the minutes from the January meeting that secretary Kirk D. Richards prepared.

Adjournment: The board adjourned at 1:12 p.m.

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